Fence Boards

Our fence boards (or slats) are cut with square ends and are treated to help them last many years.

Sizes available from stock are

0.9m – 100mm x 22mm (3ft 4”)
1.2m – 100mm x 22mm (4ft 4”)
1.2m – 150mm x 22mm (4ft 6”)
1.8m – 100mm x 22mm (6ft 4”)
1.8m – 150mm x 22mm (6ft 6”)
2.4m – 150mm x22mm (8ft 6”)
3.0m – 150mmx22mm (10ft 6”)
3.6m – 150mm x22mm (12ft 6”)
4.8m – 150mm x 22mm (16ft 6”)

Fence Panels are available in the Spring and Summer seasons – order now!